Water Meditation

I was given the Water Meditation Ceremony by Frank Murray, then Vice-Chairman of the Iowa Tribe of Oklahoma, Perkins, Oklahoma. This simple ceremony often adds a beautiful dimension to my mornings. I'll let Frank describe the details:

It's best to begin before sunrise. Pick a location facing East that will be bathed in the morning sunlight. Place a clear glass of water next to you. Then, as the sun rises and fills the glass with warmth and light, it also fills with your healing thoughts. Continue until the dawn is finished, drink the water and salute the new day.

tribal seal

I now modify the procedure to better suit my advancing years (86). My East-facing dining table, bathed in the morning sunlight, is now my perfect location.

You are probably familiar with the water cycle: Falling rain eventually flows into the ocean and evaporates to form clouds, completing the process. But our planet's endless water cycle is much larger than this. The water that refreshes you today has existed for all time. With each glass, you're recycling the precious lifeblood of every living thing on Earth.

Water Glass
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