UW Health at The American Center, Madison, WI     10' x 20'

This view of the Nicolet Forest is not an ordinary photograph that's been enlarged to fill a larger space. This original life-size digital image capture is printed at full gallery resolution, as shown here, without enlargement. As a result, this installation is critically sharp at any viewing distance.

Digital Image Capture

The first and most essential step in capturing images that recreate an environment is shooting a scene with enough detail to provide a realistic model that allows multiple operations to come later in creating the final result.


I use a variety of techniques in creating large-scale digital images. With a combination of separate photographs, as shown above, I can produce a digital capture of any desired resolution.

Stave Church

Stave Church, Washington Island, Wisconsin.     6' x 18'  digital image capture without enlargement.

In this final result, 1760 MP of image data has been transformed into a single image that can be mounted and displayed. In addition to large-scale image capture, several other parameters are carefully controlled to preserve the experience when initially viewing this scene.

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