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Please feel free to copy my photographs for your personal display at no charge. Click on the link next to any image, download the jpg file, and print. 

Archival editions are also available for purchase directly from me. I will supervise the printing and personally sign your photo. Your options range from mounted gallery boards to ultimate quality images on photographic film and printed up to 600 dpi resolution.


These high-resolution images remain critically sharp at gallery viewing distance. My digital capture techniques allow extremely large images without enlargement.


Multiple reflection photographs combine abstract and organic elements in unique gallery displays. Image capture is automated, with both creative selection and rendering in post.

Second Story Man

American architecture circa 1900 is dramatically captured in this unique collection of second-story images. Photographic and computer technologies are combined in creating this entirely new perspective.

I shoot second-story buildings at street level and use special software and computer processing in post-production to elevate the viewpoint, shifting my view 20 feet in the air and a century back in time.

Circle in the Square

Seeing and photographing everyday objects in new ways creates this whimsical collection of images that may be combined in many different configurations.

Gallery displays can present your personal vision in ways that a single image cannot.

Photographing Creativity -- Bach Dancing & Dynamite Society

When I approached Bach Dancing & Dynamite Society, it was not with the usual photographer's request. Instead of wanting to shoot performance images or posed studio shots, I was interested in visually capturing the process of creativity itself -- a process that begins with the first rehearsal and continues through the opening performance.

This meant I would be intimately involved in the rehearsals, often shooting dozens or even hundreds of shots while the musicians meticulously crafted nuances that would make each particular piece of music a unique and moving experience. 

As a silent observer during rehearsals over the last dozen seasons, I have visually documented the creative process integral to a live concert but never witnessed by the audience. This collection of images now allows me to share the unique and exciting process of creating the music from the first rehearsal to the public performance.

Dick Ainsworth Personal Page

This eclectic combination of history, innovation, and whimsey covers many preoccupations that have occupied me over the last 85 or so years.


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