Circle in the Square - Dick Ainsworth

Circle in the Square

This playful collection of photos works well in any gallery format. While any single image in this series could be interesting by itself, an array of dozen or more in a collage display has a unique appeal. Any uniform size would work well. I suggest the 8" x 8" square format with a simple black frame.

Circle in the Square Gallery

Multiple images like these in an identical format are ideal for gallery installations and can accommodate a wide variety of arrangements.

Creating Circle in the Square 

While taking a series of train photos, I noticed my pictures were beginning to take on a particular characteristic. This observation led to an exciting discovery and resulted in my seeing familiar objects in a new way.

These images are typical of the 2:3 image format that's the standard full-frame ratio Nikon and many other cameras use. I typically shoot in this format, cropping and editing later to adjust the final composition.

I noticed in quite a few shots that circles were the primary visual element. This simple observation suggested a square format that emphasizes the circle shape. Editing my images in a square composition added emphasis and interest, and the discovery of the Circle in the Square approach.

I now see circle compositions everywhere that I didn't notice before. This expansion adds a new and exciting viewpoint to my photography, resulting in many opportunities that I may have otherwise overlooked.

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