Night Photography

You can do a lot with your camera besides clicking the shutter and taking pictures. While shots like this can preserve important memories, your camera or cell phone can also extend time in several ways. Long exposures and multiple imaging techniques open additional creative possibilities.

Street scenes often have enough light for regular exposure, but your camera may need a long shutter speed, making it difficult to get a clear shot without blur. One solution is using a tripod or bracing the camera to avoid movement.

Holding your camera steady while leaning against a solid object may allow shooting in low-light situations.


Exposures up to several minutes will require a fixed camera position. Just try several settings and see what happens. If you don't have enough light, increase the exposure time. If things are too bright, do the opposite. Take several shots of each scene, bracket your exposures with a range of camera settings, and select your favorite.


Fireworks are a special case. I prefer shooting single bursts over massive displays that often fill the sky with too much light. You can use a tripod, but hand-holding works just as well. Watch carefully as fireworks are launched, follow the trajectory upwards, and have the shutter open when the burst begins.  Slight movement during the exposure can add interest to the final result. Larger

Firework me
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