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This wall installation is one of the many possibilities I can create from a single session of reflection images. A gallery display like this combining multiple photographs is much more interesting than a single picture because it conveys a sense of movement and interaction with the subject.

Photographs in these galleries may print in any size with a 1:4 aspect ratio. I selected this format because it vastly simplifies capturing the ideal depth of field in the final images. Prints are laminated with a UV protective coating and require no covering glass or matting. A flush-mounted black frame for each print completes the installation.

Reflections 1 Gallery  

Reflection 1 Gallery contains a comprehensive selection of images that were considered when planning the twelve photographs shown in the wall installation above.

Reflections 2 Gallery

Reflection 2 Gallery is a second resource that could be used to develop any number of possible combinations for a wall display.

Line Three Black

Creating Reflections

In a conventional photography, I select a scene or an object to shoot, adjust composition and camera settings, and then capture the image at just the right moment. Creating this series of reflection images requires a very different approach. I don't select the perfect scene, but a changing one that continuously presents a range of visual opportunities. I compose carefully, capturing the area of most significant interest and take a series of these images as the scene evolves.


The location next to the dock with sunlight on the water is ideal for capturing a series of reflection images. It's not possible to wait for the perfect moment and then press the shutter for each photograph because the scene changes too rapidly. Instead, I shoot automatically and collect a series of images I will select from later.

Reflections 2 grid-S

Selecting carefully from 100 images in a typical collection I'm able to discover those with layout and composition I prefer. This selection process is the reverse of the usual procedure where I would compose carefully before capturing a single image.

Gallery 2 wall display-s

This wall installation is one of the many possibilities I can create from the Reflections Gallery 2 collection. In addition to water reflections, I select many other subjects with interesting, changing scenes with appropriate composition and framing. I decide in the final result whether to emphasize a natural appearance or to create a more abstract composition for each series of photographs. I usually feature contrast and other factors to add interest, being careful to avoid losing contact with the original location that interested me in the first place.

Black copy

Purchase Information

Each Reflections installation is designed for a specific application and location.

Please contact me for details.

Dick Ainsworth


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