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My younger sister Susan was an only child. Reaching adulthood, we finally discovered each other and became friends. 

Susan's explanation of the universe begins with a few concepts that cannot be proven. But follow along because they lead to some interesting conclusions that perhaps aren't true either. Wishing they are real is worth exploring.


Reincarnation, in Susan's terms, has no limitations and includes everybody. There is no us versus them in which people in our group, church, or tribe are somehow privileged to enjoy an afterlife, and they aren't. The entire us/them division is false.

There aren't any them. We are all us.

Any ideology or religion that includes the notion of forever is too inclusive to be limited to just one planet. The earth won't be here forever. Could ours be the only world without end? Now and ever shall be? As it was in the beginning? No way. This entire planet will end soon enough in cosmic terms, and our ability to live here will cease to exist long before that.

If reincarnation in any form is continuous, we have to recycle elsewhere without end. But, on the other hand, another killer meteorite or somebody setting off all the bombs at once could eliminate our ability to live here even sooner. Either way, eventually, we will have to stop coming here. Too bad. Nice planet.

Holding earth as the center of the universe and all-important has been popular for centuries. Our planet is exceptional, but for a different reason. Our galaxy contains worlds much like ours, many populated with people more or less like us, but with one significant difference. They are all sane.

It's also difficult or impossible for us to comprehend what those sane people elsewhere in the universe are like. Perhaps they are enlightened, saved, or in harmony with all that exists. These made-up descriptions we create of an afterlife to come are woefully insufficient and no help at all.

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Nobody actually believes sitting on a cloud somewhere "up" there, and plinking on a harp for all eternity is a good idea. A harp? No way. A banjo, maybe.

The people who live on many other planets are incredibly advanced - not necessarily in terms of better gadgets, more amusements, or other technological marvels - they are advanced mentally and spiritually. As a result, wars and other atrocities are as unimaginable to them as cannibalism is to us.

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Earth is the exception. Asylum Earth is the loonie bin for the Milky Way galaxy.

Now and then, somebody living on one of those sane planets goes slightly unsane. So their next few incarnations are redirected here, Asylum Earth, where they can cycle through a few lives until they get over it.

People who became bullies on some other planet recycle here and are bullied, cheaters get cheated on, and so forth for a few lifetimes. In this way, our unique planet is ideal for restoring and recovering the qualities needed for returning to sanity. Graduating from Asylum Earth allows us to return to the sane worlds, continuing cycles of enlightened existence in environments and with souls of which we can only dream.

Recent arrivals to the asylum and just starting to become sane again are often quite challenged, with redeeming qualities still intact. Other more advanced inmates who've been here for a few cycles may finally be within an incarnation of sanity and graduation. People in between these extremes may be rational in almost all respects, except when dealing with one or two specific aspects of their lives. While enlightenment on Asylum Earth can occur instantly, it's far more likely to arrive in stages, with some areas in a person's life becoming quite delightful again and other aspects remaining nuts. It may be hard to tell who is which at any given moment.

As we learn to share the beautiful parts of our lives, we shift from inmates to healers, actually assisting others as well as ourselves. Compassion, at least in this possibly limited arena, dominates. The migration back to one of the sane planets is underway.

Inmates of Asylum Earth share a mixture of interactions; some are beautiful, others not. This combination applies to people we meet here, those we care about, and especially ourselves.

There are no crazy people, only people doing crazy things.

The most difficult people we encounter may be just beginning their process back to sanity. They have a long way to go, so we should highly appreciate any help we can offer.

Graduation from Asylum Earth is simply a return to our enlightened state, minus the baggage.


When enlightenment finally dominates, compassion and empathy are the norms, and it's time to leave the asylum. But not all decide to go quite yet. These master teachers remain as our guides and keepers of the schoolroom of illusion for a while. They tend to show up at just the right time.

As a current resident of Asylum Earth, you could be an inmate, a teacher, or both. These roles often alter depending on opportunity and circumstance. As a result, experiences may vary between despair and elation while you are here.

A rough spot in your life can be merely unpleasant -- or devastating. Seeing this as a learning experience and possibly connected to why you are here in the first place doesn't make it any easier. However, holding painful experiences in the greater context of healing removes the notion life has to remain like that.

The experience of perfection can range from simply accepting all that exists to realizing that everything is in perfect harmony everywhere.

These moments of total bliss are elusive and often short-lived. Enjoy them to the fullest; they are previews of your enlightened world to come.


I was sad when Susan died. She is often in my thoughts, and I miss her. But in a larger sense, all we've lost is the zip code. The closeness that we didn't really experience until fairly late in life continues to evolve. I celebrate with a solo Rock Island kayak trip to sprinkle Sue's ashes in a special location by my favorite meditation spot.

Rock Island has a special significance for us. Our grandfather, we believe, was a member of the Potawatomi Nation who initially settled on the island.

Rock Island
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