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All my prints in the four galleries below are available for personal use at no cost. Click on the download button below the image, and I'll load the image file to your computer. Print as many as you like, but do not alter or sell them.


Take better pictures -- Have more fun

This 90-minute video of my photography course is a work in progress by videographer Jonathan Wohl. I gave this lecture at the Spring Green General Library in November ????. We're currently upgrading the slideshow graphics and making other improvements. You're welcome to view the current version here.

8 x 10 Take Better Pictures7-A

Surviving Stress

This little guy is in trouble, and so are you. Survival tactics start here.

Cave man


We couldn't possibly acknowledge or even remember the many lives that have touched our own. This woefully inadequate list documents a few of my most significant teachers and might also jog your similar memories. You might even start remembering how you became you.

tribal seal

Ernst von Dohnányi -- Creative Visualization

Linus Pauling -- Think in Ink

Frank Murray -- Water Meditation

Lanford Wilson -- Hot l Baltimore

Frank LLoyd Wright -- Organic Architecture

Carroll Shelby -- Art Goes Fast

Robert Sapolsky -- Stress Response

Yogi Bhajan Siri Singh Sahib -- Yogi

William Ainsworth -- Zen

Venerable Khensur Rinpoche -- Lam Rim


Though Mom, Dad, and Sister Susan are no longer with us, this photograph I took with my newly acquired Kodak Brownie camera captured a moment when they were.

The vision fades. Their stories linger.


Dad -- Get Down The Hill


These are some of the stories we tell ourselves and our friends who haven't grown tired of listening. The stories may have actually happened once upon a time. Nonetheless, while they are absolutely true, some have not quite happened yet. Welcome to a few of my imaginary friends, fantasies, and favorite realities.

Green lives matter

Typing Tutor

Typing software is the one-note success of my programming career that spans the entire length of the personal computer evolution. I designed and created several other products that epitomized computer intelligence, but the various editions beginning with the Microsoft Typing Tutor were the mainstay. This original product's origin in BASIC eventually evolved into the Ainsworth Keyboard Training System.

images- TT original

Microsoft Typing Tutor

IBM Typing Tutor

Got Cancer?  Join the Club

Guila's Club provides free emotional support, cancer education, and hope to children and adults living with any kind of cancer and those who care for them. Gilda's Club and the support I received have made a difference. If you or anyone you know is facing cancer, Gilda's can be your first line of defense. So that no one faces cancer alone.

Gildq doors

The Computer

IBM -- Machines

Bill Gates -- Authorship

Tom DeFanti -- Software

Dan Sandin -- Art

AI -- Magic!

You're not upset for the reason you think

in process

Relax - Create .... a medatatation

in process

Adman emeritis

in process

Ainsworth & Partners, Inc.

Ainsworth & Partners, Inc. is responsible for all our software products and licensing, publishes the document you're reading, and serves as host to several other activities. We are currently configuring our typing program for free distribution via the United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO).

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